Short Montage:

This is a short montage of the types of magic Joan performs.  On it you will see everything from close up to stage to fire eating in all different types of venues.

She can be the life of the party or give your guests a show of a’s all up to you.


Close-Up Magic:

See Joan perform one of her signature card pieces at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

A formal close-up show is a very special thing.  It gives the audience a personal show before their eyes, and yet has the drama of a stage show.


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The Talking Act:

Joan occasionally performs at Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle.  You can see her here performing in the theater called the parlour, where she does her stand up magic act!

The silent act:

With an act without words, one can perform for any one in any country.  Magic is a universal language and an art form that can be enjoyed by many people.